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Welcome to the Montigo download center where you can easily access relevant documentation and manuals for our products. Please note that we may not have a manual available for all products and accessories. If the information you need isn’t listed here, please check the discontinued product manuals and guides click here.

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Distinction Series

Distinction D 36|48|72
Distinction D 63
Distinction D 36|48|72 (FRENCH)
Distinction 63 (FRENCH)


DelRay Linear DRL 36|48
DelRay Linear DRL 36|48 (FRENCH)
DelRay Square DRSQ 34|38
DelRay Square DRSQ 34|38 (FRENCH)
DelRay Square DRSQ 42|46
DelRay Square DRSQ 42|46 (FRENCH)


Divine Single Sided H 34|38|42
Divine H36PV
Divine See Through H 38ST|42ST
Divine Multi Sided Corner|Bay|Pier


Phenom P|PL 38|42|52
Phenom See Through L 38FSD|42FSD|52FSD


Exemplar Single Sided R320 – R820
Exemplar See Through R320ST – R620ST
Exemplar Pier RP424
Exemplar RP620
Exemplar R324STIO

Illume Inserts

Illume Inserts 30FID|34FID


Prodigy PC 3-8
Prodigy PC 3-8 (FRENCH)

Outdoor Series

Mahana PL 42VO|60VO
Mahana Enclosure
Divine Outdoor H38SVO
Divine Outdoor H 34VO|38VO|42VO
Divine Outdoor H38SVO Enclosure

Parts & Accessories

Sealing Kits

Indoor/Outdoor Sealing Kit For R-ST

Fan Kits

HFK50 Fan Kit
HFK50R Fan Kit
HFK-38-42 Fan Kit

Power Vents – 200 Series

PVVEX47-200 Roof PV
PVHEX47-200 Wall PV
PVHIN47-200 InLine PV
PVFCB Power vent speed control box
200 Series Power Vent Harness

Power Vents – 300 Series

PVHIN58-300-FS Inline PV
PVHFL 58|510-300 Flush Louvered Wall PV
PVHEX 58|510-300 Wall PV
PVVEX58-300 PVVEX510-300 Roof PV

Remote Controls

RX40 Wireless Remote Control (on/off) RX40
RXM40VAC Wireless Remote Control (on/off)
RXM40VACVO Wireless Remote Control (on/off)
RX60 Wireless Remote Control (thermostat controlled)
RX82 Wireless Remote Control (flame, fan speed)
RX88 IPI Deluxe Remote RX88
Proflame 2 Remote Control Upgrade Kit (PF2RK)
Disable WiFi Proflame 2 Remote

Surrounds and Trim Kits

Phenom & Divine Surround Instructions
DelRay Adjustable Trim Kits
Distinction Adjustable Trim Kits


Phenom Porcelain Panel Instructions
Home Automation Fireplace Control HAFC
Proflame 2 Instructions
Proflame 2 200 NG LP Upgrade Kit
Proflame 2 100 NG LP Upgrade Kit
Cool Wall Heat Distribution Kit
DelRay Light Repair Kit
Adjustable Flue Damper Instructions
Divine Liner Installation 
WiFi Dongle for Full Load Proflame 2 Fireplaces

Commercial Finishing Instructions

Finishing around a COOL-Pack equipped fireplace

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