Custom Specification

Architects and designers planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project can use the following forms to spec out a Montigo fireplace.

Preliminary Specification

To submit your request for a preliminary specification, please fill out the Preliminary Specification form with the information you have available and a Montigo engineer will contact you regarding your submission.

Preliminary Spec Form

Custom Order Specification

Download the Full Spec Order form.

To help you with your specification and order process, go to products and spec out your desired Montigo fireplace. Once you have selected the fireplace, download the drawings and specs. Redline the drawing to desired dimensions and Montigo’s design team will advise feasibility.

Please note that custom alterations that fall outside of standard certification parameters may increase lead times and cost.

Montigo Custom Order Process

To process your order for a Montigo Custom Fireplace we require:

  1. Completed Full Spec Order Form
  2. Sign off on preliminary drawing
  3. Deposit received

You will receive an order acknowledgement and your order will be placed in queue for design and fabrication.

Montigo’s engineering and design team will review paperwork and final drawings for fabrication will be created.

Final drawings and specifications for fabrication will be sent out for sign off. Unit will be built to these specifications.

Completed unit will be crated and shipped to your requested location.