Low Profile Fireplaces

“Low Profile” is Synonymous with Unnoticed, but this Fireplace will Definitely Get Noticed…

Recreating the look of a traditional flush hearth is making a big comeback in design circles. Fortunately, both the traditional BF Series and our contemporary C-View Series fireplaces offer several low profile options. Looking to create something even more unique? Inquire with our design team about more complicated configurations such as pier or round units.

A raised burner drops the opening to 3-inches, which allows for housing the valve, burner, and other components in the firebox rather than in a traditional design unit base. Alternately, an 8-inch high opening allows for a flat burner tray. The smaller profile helps with shipping and getting the fireplace into the building, and is easier for installation. Low profile fireplaces typically have similar body temperatures to their traditional counterparts, so they require no special finishing.

While most fireplaces in our Custom Commercial lineup have the ability to accommodate a flush hearth, the low profile configuration allows for the unit to be easily sunken into a floor for a true flush hearth appearance. When sinking into the floor, allow for at least 1/4″ clearance below the glass for easier glass removal/installation.

Low profile fireplaces are well suited to projects that require installation flush to the floor. They also work well to maximize the fireplace opening on walls with limited width, as the sides are slim profile.

Explore our custom commercial fireplace lineup to select the right one for your project. Visit the fireplace product pages to download brochures and unit specific drawings.

Custom Fireplaces

  • Shown at right: Traditional BF36 Low Profile (open concept)