The Best Gas Fireplaces for Rental Properties

in Fireplace Design Ideas by Alan Gleave

Create the Hottest Rental Space by Adding a Gas Fireplace

Big ticket luxuries like a swimming pool, hot tub, or a gas fireplace are the top in-demand vacation rental property amenities. Guests will typically pay higher rates for properties that include these features as well.

Short term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO are extremely competitive with neighboring properties. If your rental is the same price point, building style, size, and location as other available rentals, it’s the amenities that make your property stand out.

Unlike the very desirable and convenient dishwasher or laundry amenity, fireplaces are viewed as purely a comfort luxury. There’s something really cozy and inviting about a fireplace in a living space. It automatically elevates a rental property from “hotel” to “home”.

While putting in a pool or a hot tub may be out of reach or simply impractical for your property, a gas fireplace can be surprisingly affordable and is worth the investment. Here we go over a few fireplaces and accessories that are best suited for rental properties, and how they can help boost your rates and rental income.

The Simplicity of a Wall Switch

Lets not undervalue the blissful simplicity of installing a wall switch. Renters are already bombarded with door codes, WIFI passwords, and a coffee table full of unfamiliar remote controls. Not adding to the confusion by installing a fireplace with a simple on/off wall switch is a great option.

Fireplaces that come with a standard wall switch are generally basic, entry level units. Though fully loaded units can also be converted for primary wall switch operation.

Montigo Phenom PL52 fireplace shown with a custom marble surround


Compatible Montigo Fireplaces:

Phenom Series (Basic)
DelRay Series (Basic)
Divine See-through

Go Big or Go (Rental) Home

Light Commercial or even fully custom fireplaces can be an excellent choice for more upscale rentals. The COOL-Pack or Power COOL-Pack fireplace can reduce glass temperatures, and reduce the possibility of burn liability. As for operation, commercial and light commercial units turn on and off via a wall switch, which makes them simple to operate.

TIP: Since these fireplaces have a pre-purge safety sequence, there is a 60-90 second pause before the fireplace lights. This delay can cause confusion for a renter on first operation, so having a notice next to the wall switch is helpful.

Compatible Montigo Fireplaces:

Prodigy Series (Light Commercial)
Custom Commercial


An outdoor fireplace is just as enjoyable on a summer evening as it is for an afternoon post-ski gathering spot. Guests can utilize the patio area during cool evenings, or even throughout winter, with the addition of an outdoor fireplace. The vent free capabilities of these units make them extremely easy to install, and a standalone enclosure can eliminate construction altogether. Having a rental property with a comfortable year-round outdoor space will definitely edge out the neighboring competition.

Montigo Mahana PL42VO outdoor fireplace shown in a seaside patio


Compatible Montigo Fireplaces:

Divine Outdoor
Mahana Series

#Instaworthy Accommodations

If you have a property that relies heavily on social media exposure to get bookings, then you need a feature that people will absolutely want to take a picture of and share.

Choose a unique fireplace like a See-though Indoor-Outdoor (STIO), or the jaw-dropping Tornado with a spectacular 3-foot tall spinning column of flame. These are fireplaces that people will definitely shoot and post on social media.

Instaworthy Montigo Fireplaces:

Exemplar STIO


Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.