See Through + Indoor-Outdoor = STIO

in Custom Commercial Fireplaces by Alan Gleave

Absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

September is a strange transition month in many locations. Some days it’s cold enough to retreat inside for a hot chocolate, and then there are days where it feels like its still summer outside and you can continue to enjoy your patio. The perfect way to bridge these Fall weather extremes is a see through indoor-outdoor fireplace, or STIO.

Here’s a quick list of 5 reasons why an indoor-outdoor fireplace can be the right decision for any household or commercial application.

#1. Cost savings

Instead of choosing between an outdoor fireplace or an indoor one, or even installing one of each… why not combine the two! Not only does this give you more bang for your buck, but also creates an extremely attractive installation and provides a window between the indoors and outdoors.


#2. Virtually no size or fire display limitations

As a custom fireplace manufacturer, we have created STIO fireplaces using practically all of our available burner options and glass sizes. Ribbon, high-low, Tornado burners – all of these have been incorporated into indoor-outdoor designs.

Glass size has no limitation on creativity either. Just look at the 18-foot long STIO we designed for the Foothills Mall in Colorado! The 78″ tall glass creates an incredible window focus into the seasonal atrium display.


CUSTOM C VIEW | C1820ST | Image Source

#3. Freedom from venting woes

One benefit of STIO fireplaces is not needing to install a vent run. In most cases there is an air intake / exhaust located on the exterior side of the unit, which frees up space around the fireplace for windows and other structural features.

If the outside face of the fireplace is located in an area where CO2 accumulation could be an issue, then Montigo has the ability to vent the fireplace in more traditional methods.

#4. No need to compromise

Multiple fire display options to suit different tastes are available. You don’t have to choose between a contemporary or traditional look when you are in the market for a STIO fireplace. If you are in the market for something in between, units like the Exemplar R324 have a driftwood and speckled stone option for that transitional look.



#5. Familiarity with other fireplaces

The Exemplar Series see through fireplaces have the option of a STIO kit. These indoor-outdoor kits are perfect for retaining the Exemplar features everybody loves – the low heat production, simple finishing, and quiet operation at fireplace level – while offering the flexibility of an indoor-outdoor placement.

Many of our Custom Commercial fireplaces are also compatible with an indoor-outdoor kit, just like the Tornado shown below. Who wouldn’t want to see this spectacular fire display from both sides!



Explore some of Montigo’s STIO fireplace options:



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