6 Hot Fireplace Design Trends

in Custom Fireplace Styles by Roxie Leigh

What’s Hot in Fireplace Design

Home renovation exploded during the pandemic stay-at-home period, and some very distinct fireplace design trends emerged during that time. Improvements that had been put off were suddenly top priority. People working from home fell (partially) out of love with their open concept homes. The desire for more welcoming home entertainment rooms rose to the top of the wish list.

Even as the world returns to something close to normal, how we use our living spaces has been permanently altered. The boom in home renovation rages on as the desire to improve our living and working spaces has become more necessity and less a luxury.

Here are six of the hottest fireplace design trends we are seeing now.

Design Trend: Traditional Contemporary Fusion

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is a merging of classic and modern fireplace styles. The desire for a larger viewing area has evolved into a blend of wide and tall that isn’t quite a traditional square and is taller than a standard linear shape. The typical 12-15” tall linear fireplace is now 18-20” high and often paired with logs instead of glass media.

Design Trend: Defining Spaces

With more people working from home permanently, creating a little more privacy in open concept homes has become an important consideration. Fireplaces have an important role in this trend because a fireplace wall acts as a room divider without closing off a space entirely.

Design Trend: Clean & Simple

Minimalist simplicity is a major design trend in 2022, so clean finish fireplaces are in high demand. Instead of bulky stone hearths or elaborate details, homeowners want fireplaces they can finish right up to the glass. Neutral, natural, and simple finishing materials are also right on trend and keep the all the focus on the flames.

Design Trend: That “Look at Me” Drama

Fireplaces demanding attention as a bold design statement is totally on trend as well. Industrial metals, bold patterns, contrasting colors, unique shapes, and luminescent metallic tiles. There are so many ways to create an eye-catching feature in a room.

Design Trend: Space Saver Fireplaces

With Square-footage at a premium and an increase in the desire to downsize, small footprint fireplaces have become a popular option. Smaller homes have smaller rooms that demand a slimmer framing requirement and a modest firebox size. Condominiums, townhouses, tiny homes, and RVs. No matter how small a space gets, the longing for a fireplace remains strong.

Design Trend: Go Big or Go Home

Home entertainment has also received a major makeover during the past two years. The average TV size has grown considerably in a short time, and so has the average fireplace size. It’s become common to install a TV over a fireplace, so that new extra big screen is going to need an equally large fireplace to stay visually balanced. In order to achieve this application, a heat management kit is critical.

While heat management isn’t technically “design”, the ability to control heat output allows for TV or artwork mounting above a fireplace. All of the fireplaces shown in this post are compatible with heat management kits.

Learn more about heat management kits and TV mounting requirements.

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