Fireplace Heat Management

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Take control of your home’s heat so you can focus on enjoying your fireplace.

Heat management is currently one of the top concerns of homeowners.

A century ago, the “problem” of a fireplace that produces too much heat would have been laughable. A common problem is that the best looking fire display also tends to be a naturally high heat producer. This can quickly overheat a room and make the space uncomfortable.

Modern construction practices and continually shrinking condo square footage have made heat management more and more difficult for architects and homeowners to contend with. Additionally, the push for high efficiency units from both homeowners and the government results in a fireplace that acts as a furnace.

Fortunately, the industry has developed a few methods to redirect and repurpose supplementary heat.

Low Heat & No Heat Options

Low Heat Fireplaces
Often identified by a low BTU rating, a low heat fireplace can be the perfect choice for smaller spaces. A low heat fireplace is a good choice in applications where the fireplace is not intended to take over for a furnace.

No Heat Fireplaces
Our Custom Commercial and Prodigy Series fireplaces are specifically designed to not add heat to a space. Heat management is accomplished by pushing the majority of produced heat out of the building using a power vent. These fireplaces also have the added benefit of reduced glass temperatures from our cool-to-touch COOL-Pack system.

Heat Management & Re-direct Options

The majority of units are controlled by a thermostat or can use the thermostat function included in many remotes. With thermostat control you can set a comfortable temperature for the room and not worry about turning your fireplace on and off based on room temperature.

Heat Management Kits
The Distinction and DelRay Square Series are both compatible with heat diverting TV kits. Heat management kits create the most efficient diversion of hot air from the unit. Divert heat to create a reduced heat area above the fireplace opening, or into an adjacent room.

What about heat when installing a TV above a fireplace?

Another issue with a fireplace producing excessive heat is that it might interfere with electronics and sensitive materials around a fireplace.

Montigo has developed a variety of options for fireplace heat management for both the Distinction and DelRay Square series fireplaces.

Our Cool Wall Advantage kits make it possible to hang heat sensitive items such as a TV or artwork above the fireplace. The kits can also create a safe zone for installing combustible facing materials around the fireplace opening.

Sidewall & TV Kit Temperatures (DRSQ38-2)

170°F / 76°C
Heat Vent

Heat is diverted through the Cool Wall Advantage kit, safely bypassing the space above the fireplace.

100°F / 37°C
Cool Wall

Wall temperature is cool, creating an area safer for mounting a TV, or hanging artwork. Even wood can be used as a facing material when using the cool wall kit or by opening up the venting ports.

510°F / 265°C

Reduced glass temperature, combined with the provided safety screen, creates a safe and beautiful viewing area.

Horizontal Sidewall Kit

Vertical Sidewall Kit

TV Kit / HDKPD63

DelRay Square:
Open the Vent Ports

For added installation simplicity, the DelRay Square can divert heat by opening the venting ports on the top of the unit.

Leaving the venting ports open requires a minimum chase height of 7′ and a chase opening of at least 100² inches.

This alone grants the ability to finish with a combustible facing material right down to the glass opening.

Heat management made easy.


Read more about fireplace heat management with the goal of hanging a TV or artwork above the fireplace here:


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