Open Concept

Open Concept Fireplaces

Not just for floor plans…

In 1976 we created the first sandpan fireplace burner which was designed to fit into an open wood burning hearth. That primal desire for open fire is still with us as we continue to develop new and exciting open concept fireplaces for our commercial lineup.

The majority of our custom commercial fireplaces have an open concept option that negates the need for a glass door. Leverage this option to create a truly convincing replica of a vintage wood burning fireplace. Or to simply create a barrier-less view between you and the fire.


Using our air curtain technology combined with our custom power vents, we can develop a blazing fire that will only have a minimal effect on the ambient room temperature.


Remote controls, lighting systems, safety screens, we can spec out a wide scope of decorative or functional features to make your open fireplace dreams a reality.

Seamless Presentation

Finish the inside of the fireplace with the same noncombustible material as the surround to create a seamless transition from wall to fireplace. Inquire about your specific project.


Specs at-a-glance:


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