Used Gas Fireplaces – Good Idea or Not?

in Fireplace Care by Alan Gleave

Is it Ok to Purchase a Used Gas Fireplace?

Certain appliances are perfectly fine to purchase used. You can save quite a lot of money on a gently used stove or refrigerator to refresh a tired kitchen. But is it ever ok to purchase a used gas fireplace?

As always, with a gas fueled appliance, you should proceed with caution. A little due diligence on the front end of the purchase can save a lot of heartache and regret down the road.

Here are a few questions to ask before snapping up a great deal on a used gas fireplace.

Why is the Previous Owner Selling the Fireplace?

A used gas fireplace might be available on Marketplace due to the homeowner upsizing, or it might have been replaced as part of a renovation. However, sometimes that fireplace is on it’s last legs, or perhaps even inoperable. It might be that the previous owner was unable to maintain or fix it because they weren’t able to source parts. Which brings us to…

Is the Model Still Supported by the Manufacturer?

Even if a used fireplace is in good working order at the time of purchase, the day will come when a component will need replacing. Consider how old the fireplace is before you commit to taking it home. Do a quick search with the manufacturer to make sure the model is either still in production or that spare parts are readily available in the event of component failure.

Most fireplace manufacturers make spare parts available for 10 years after a model is discontinued. Which means if that new-to-you fireplace were to cease functioning, spare parts could be difficult, or even impossible, to find.

Are There Restrictions on Gas Fireplaces in My Area?

Many locales allow for the operation of a grandfathered B-vented appliance. However, installing a used gas fireplace may encounter some unexpected ticketing issues. Essential parts required for the installation, such as noncombustible framing, are not likely to be salvageable. Do some research on any permitting issues you may come across before purchasing a fireplace you might not be able to use.

Additional Considerations

A few more things to consider:

  • Will you be able to convert the fireplace to a different gas type if needed?
  • Venting components are usually not recoverable, therefore you must plan to source them separately
  • Removing a fireplace from a home can be a rough process, it may cause hidden damage
  • Manufacturer warranties are often non-transferrable

Taking in to account the common pitfalls of buying a gas fireplace in used condition, it can be a viable option for your home. However, it is important to thoroughly inspect the unit and decide if a used gas fireplace is right for your project.

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