Top 5 Tips for Montigo Fireplace Owners

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Top 5 Tips for Montigo Fireplace Owners

New and potential fireplace owners have questions about how to properly use and care for a fireplace. With regular maintenance, your Montigo fireplace will provide you with years of warmth and enjoyment.

Based on the most frequently asked questions we get, this is a roundup of the top tips for Montigo fireplace owners.

Installation & Owners Manuals

Your Montigo fireplace comes with an installation and owner’s manual. The manual contains everything you need to know about framing, installing, and finishing your new fireplace. It also contains operation instructions for the remote control and LED lighting controls.

Most of us don’t hang on to physical manuals anymore, so here is a link to our current product manuals. Save a digital copy to keep on hand for future reference.

Proflame 2 Remote Control

One of our most viewed videos on YouTube is the Proflame 2 remote control operation guide. Learn all about our Proflame 2 remote control system, available on all fully loaded Montigo fireplaces.

The video serves as a detailed guide to all the remote’s features and modes, from connecting to the receiver to customizing functions.

Power Outage Backup

If you live in a storm prone area, one of your big concerns is will your fireplace function if the power goes out. The good news is, many of our fireplaces have a backup battery. Fireplaces equipped with a backup battery will continue to heat your home during an outage.

If your fireplace is equipped with battery backup, it is important to test and replace it during annual service and maintenance. If you are currently looking to purchase a fireplace, make sure you let your sales representative know that this feature is a must-have.

Cleaning the Glass

Fireplace glass can get sooty or look cloudy over time, depending on how often you use your fireplace. Regardless, the glass should be cleaned at least once a year during your annual service and maintenance check up to keep that flame looking fabulous.

Here are a couple quick videos that give clear and complete guidance on fireplace door removal and some tips for cleaning the glass on the most popular Montigo fireplace models. Cleaning the glass is something you can easily do yourself, or simply roll it into your annual service checkup with a professional.



Check out this post for more tips for cleaning your fireplace glass

Annual Service & Maintenance

Regular fireplace service and maintenance is essential for both the longevity of your Montigo fireplace and for its safe operation. We highly recommended that you contact a licensed gas service provider to conduct maintenance on your fireplace. We also recommend service at least once per year.

This past post includes handy checklists for both homeowners and professionals so you know what to expect.

Annual Fireplace Maintenance Checklists

Authorized Dealer Network

Montigo fireplaces are sold through an authorized dealer and distribution network across Canada and the United States. Montigo dealers provide quality installations and aftermarket service.

From your initial search for the perfect Montigo fireplace to completed installation, our dealers are there to make owning a Montigo fireplace an a-list experience.

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Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.