Tech Tip: Fireplace Glass Cleaning

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Handy Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Gas Fireplace

Are you so well versed in fireplace door removal that you can whip the glass off a Distinction 63 faster than an F1 pit crew can do a tire change?

Well even if you aren’t, don’t feel bad. Fireplace professionals get calls year round from homeowners asking for advice on door removal and/or cleaning the glass of their fireplace. It seems like an obviously simple job (and technically it is) but if you aren’t familiar with how to get the door off things can get awkward quickly!

Here are a couple quick videos that give clear and complete guidance on fireplace door removal and some tips for cleaning the glass on the most popular Montigo fireplace models.

Removing the Glass

Glass Removal Tips

  1. If a door is difficult to remove, the issue might be what’s around the door and not the door itself.
  2. Removing the valve blind, surround, or trim kit might give you some extra space to remove the door easily.
  3. Double check the buckles. Sometimes the buckle appears to swing free when its actually still loosely clamped to the door.

Cleaning the Fireplace Glass

Glass Cleaning Tips

  1. Cleaning the glass is like waxing a car – work the cleaner into the glass and let it dry, then polish or buff the cleaner off.
  2. A polishing pad used on a cordless drill can help speed along the process and produces better results.

After a couple run throughs you will be ready for that pit crew!

Fireplace glass can get sooty or look cloudy over time, depending on how often you use your fireplace. Regardless, the glass should be cleaned at least once a year during your annual service and winterizing check up to keep that flame looking fabulous.

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