Product Feature: Custom Prodigy Series

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The Custom Prodigy Series | A True Commercial Grade Luxury Fireplace

Beautiful, bright, alluring. A true Prodigy.

No corners were cut in the design of the Custom Prodigy Series. We aren’t willing to sacrifice the fire display in order to use direct vent, and we certainly aren’t going to use a consumer grade control board on a unit suitable for light commercial applications.

At first glance, these convictions might look like they would create a more complex installation process. Let us explain how the Prodigy can be the easiest commercial fireplace to install and maintain…

Framing & Finishing

  1. Standard 2×4 framing can be used directly on top of the unit. No need for an overly complicated steel stud kit or standoffs.
  2. A combustible facing material such as wood or drywall can be taken right up to the glass opening. The use of a concrete board underlay is also unnecessary.
  3. Mantels and hearths can be married up with the glass opening creating a seamless finish. Just like the facing materials, the mantel can be made of combustible material.
  4. Take advantage of the Prodigy’s ability to use room air for intake venting to avoid running long lengths of venting. Consult your HVAC technician and the manual for CFM guidelines and best practices. Local codes permitting.

The Control System

A fireplace capable of handling commercial applications would be diminished with a consumer grade control board. That’s why every Prodigy fireplace comes standard with a dedicated external commercial grade control panel.

The main benefit of a control panel is convenience and diagnostics. Other manufacturers bury the control system behind the glass and underneath the burner. The Prodigy’s control panel mounts externally in a mechanical room or closet.

Our relay and inverter system provides a much clearer trouble reporting system than standard fireplace control systems. Clearly labeled relays make diagnostics easy.

Prodigy Features

  • All glass barriers, no screen required
  • Zero clearance
  • Compatible with home automation systems
  • Commercial grade valve, burner and control system


  • COOL-Pack glass system
  • Multi-color LED lighting
  • Intake dampers
  • Any choice of glass media


  • Driftwood, speckled stones
  • Indoor/outdoor seal kit for see through units
  • Black reflective glass
  • Flue gas dampers

View the most recent Prodigy brochure for design ideas and specifications.


Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.