The Outdoor Room

Outdoor Room Approved

Montigo’s direct vent fireplaces traditionally designated only for indoor use only are now approved by Montigo for use in certain protected outdoor applications.

One of the most popular current design trends is an open-air transition room called the California or Florida room. These indoor/outdoor rooms are one part room, one part porch. A relative of the sunroom, but with a big, refreshing dose of open air.

Many of Montigo’s indoor fireplaces are now approved for use in these sheltered alfresco living spaces. Look for the icon on unit product pages and brochures to see if the fireplace can be installed in protected outdoor applications.

These outdoor room installations cannot penetrate the building envelope and must follow strict overhang dimensions designed to protect the fireplace from weather penetration.

Note that our indoor-outdoor and outdoor vent free fireplaces still must follow their own separate guidelines designed to properly vent combustion gas from outdoor spaces.