Custom 360 Fireplace at One Main Place

in Custom Commercial Fireplaces by Alan Gleave

Locally Inspired Design and a Custom 360 Fireplace

One Main Place is a 20-story, 330,035 square feet office tower located at the corner of Main Street and First Avenue in downtown Portland, Oregon. The lobby now has a refreshed new focal-point thanks to a beautiful new custom 360 fireplace from Montigo.

Dorothy Tester Sales and Montigo painstakingly designed a custom fireplace that would not only seamlessly match the contemporary space of the building, but also keep the efficiency and performance that Montigo is known for. With the lobby being thin on space, we didn’t want to block out any sightline from a view of the fireplace. This was done by designing a postless, four sided unit which fully encapsulates your field of view with 360 degrees of fire.

With the custom fireplace being in a highly public area, safety is a primary focus which came to fruition with Power COOL-Pack glass, where Montigo uses its patented heat management technology to run a channel of cool air between the inner and outer glass panes.


Fireplace Details

  • Model: Custom Commercial C4W-15
  • Configuration: Four Sided
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas
  • BTU: 300,000
  • Vent Type: 16″ B Vent
  • Power Vent: Inline
  • Special Features: Power COOL-Pack Glass, Postless Corner Glass Panes

Montigo works closely with architects and designers to engineer, handcraft and install awe-inspiring, bespoke fireplaces for one-of-a-kind spaces. We collaborate with you to create a sense of space with our fireplaces.

Design the perfect fireplace for your project. For more information on working with Montigo’s Custom Commercial team, visit the Professionals Resource Center.


Commercial Quality

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