Commercial Control Panel

The Heart of Montigo’s Commercial Fireplaces

The Montigo Control Panel is purpose built for the commercial installation and repair professional.

Montigo’s custom commercial control panels house all of the electronic and safety components for operation of the fireplace in a separate easy access location. This allows the most often replaced parts of the fireplace to be located in an electrical room or other location, and limits the need to pull the fireplace apart for service.

For example, when a fireplace shuts off unexpectedly, a quick look at the control panel will reveal which of the labelled safety relays has been tripped. This ease of troubleshooting greatly reduces the time it takes to diagnose a problem and most times does not involve disassembling the fireplace to locate and repair issues.

Control Panel Features

  1. Connections – Labelled connections for each fireplace component.
  2. Fuse Panel – Standard glass or ceramic fuses (6mm x 30mm). Amperage is labelled below each set of fuses.
  3. Power Vent Inverter – Controls the speed of the power vent. Inverter is programmed at the factory to the specific power vent assigned to each job, and is adjustable on-site.
  4. COOL-Pack Inverter – Adjustable speed controls for the COOL-Pack fans.
  5. Transformers – Easily replaceable transformers for 110V to 24V stepdown.
  6. Relays w/LED – When the fireplace is operating normally all of the LED lights will be on. To assist in troubleshooting, the relays will shut off to indicate which fireplace safety has tripped, which part of the system is keeping the fireplace from lighting, or if the flame goes out.
  7. Pre-Purge Timer – After the fireplace wall switch is turned on, the pre-purge timer runs the power vent for 1 minute before the gas valve turns on to exhaust any latent gases in the fireplace/vent run.
  8. Post-Purge Timer – After the fireplace wall switch is turned off, the post-purge timer runs the power vent for 3 minutes to exhaust any residual gases from the fireplace/vent run.
  9. Power Vent Reversal Switch – Easily switch direction of the 3-phase power vent fan motor.

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