Illume Inserts

34FID Traditional Gas Fireplace Insert

Outdoor Room Approved
WIFI App Control



Illume Gas Fireplace Insert Features


  • Ceramic burner and logset, multi-function remote control, halogen downlighting, remote Hi-Lo flame control, battery backup, micro mesh screen


  • Propane conversion kit, remote controlled fans, black porcelain liner, various traditional liners, square, oversized or 4-sided surround, WiFi phone app control

Specs at-a-glance:

Max BTU (NG)
Glass Opening Width
28 3/8"
Glass Opening Height
18 1/8"
Min. Masonry Cavity Width
Min. Masonry Cavity Height
Min. Masonry Cavity Depth
P.4. 1-15 Efficiency NG
P.4. 1-15 Efficiency LP

The Ultimate in Sensible Luxury

Your pathway to revitalizing old wood-burning fireplaces with modern convenience and efficiency. The ILLUME gas fireplace insert is a revolutionary solution designed to transform your old and inefficient wood-burning fireplace into a contemporary and environmentally friendly heating source. With its cutting-edge technology and sleek design, ILLUME gas inserts redefine your fireplace experience, providing a clean, hassle-free, and energy-efficient alternative. Traditional or contemporary, the ILLUME adds style to an old masonry fireplace.

The ILLUME insert utilizes natural gas or propane as its fuel source, delivering efficient and consistent heat output without the drawbacks of wood-burning, such as smoke, ash, and sparks. Enjoy efficiency ratings so good that fans are optional! Designed for easy installation, ILLUME inserts are crafted to fit perfectly into most standard-sized wood-burning fireplaces and uses co-linear venting with flexible chimney liners.

Rediscover the joy of your fireplace with an ILLUME gas fireplace insert. With its contemporary design, efficiency, and convenience, it breathes new life into your old wood-burning fireplace, elevating your home’s comfort and style. Embrace the future of fireplace technology and create cherished memories with your loved ones around the mesmerizing flames of an ILLUME gas insert.

34FID gas fireplace insert installed in old stone fireplace

Discover Your Fireplace Insert Style

Montigo’s gas fireplace inserts are versatile enough to work in any room. Slick and modern, classic and cozy, or a mixture of the two for a transitional look. Overall, the ILLUME is at home in any environment. Take a look at all the features and options available for the ILLUME gas fireplace insert series and create your own personal style.


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