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Spec Sheets for Current Montigo Products

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Standard Fireplaces

Delray Series

DRL36/48 | Delray Linear
DRL60/72 | Delray Linear
DRL34/38 | Delray Square
DRL42/46 | Delray Square

Distinction Series

D36/48/72 | Distinction Single-Sided
D36/48/72 | Distinction See-Through

Divine Multi Series

H38FSD | Divine Multi See-Through
H38CL/CR | Divine Multi Corner
H38PR | Divine Multi Bay
H38PF | Divine Multi Pier

Exemplar Series

R320-820 | Exemplar Single-Sided
RP620 | Exemplar Single-Sided
R320ST-620ST | Exemplar See-Through
RP424 | Exemplar Pier
R324STIO | Exemplar STIO

Illume Inserts

30/34FID | Illume Inserts Contemporary
30/34FID | Illume Inserts Traditional

Outdoor Series

PL42/60VO | Mahana Outdoor Single-Sided
H34/38/42VO | Divine Outdoor Single-Sided
H38SVO | Divine Outdoor See-Through

Phenom Series

P/PL38/42/52 | Phenom Single Sided
L38/42/52FSD | Phenom See-Through

Prodigy Series

PC3-8 | Prodigy Single-Sided / See-Through
PC3-8PR/CL/CR | Prodigy Bay / Corner

Foyers Français

Série DelRay

DRL36/48 | Delray Linear | French
DRL60/72 | Delray Linear | French
DRL34/38 | Delray Square | French
DRL42/46 | Delray Square | French

Série Distinction

D36/48/72 | Distinction Single-Sided | French
D36/48/72 | Distinction See-Through | French

Série Divine multifaces

H38FSD | Divine Multi See-Through | French
H38CL/CR | Divine Multi Corner | French
H38PR | Divine Multi Bay | French
H38PF | Divine Multi Pier | French

Série Exemplar

R320-820 | Exemplar Single-Sided | French
RP620 | Exemplar Single-Sided | French
R320ST-620ST | Exemplar See-Through | French
RP424 | Exemplar Pier | French
R324STIO | Exemplar STIO | French

Série Illume

30/34FID | Illume Inserts Contemporary | French
30/34FID | Illume Inserts Traditional | French


PL42/60VO | Mahana Outdoor Single-Sided | French
H34/38/42VO | Divine Outdoor Single-Sided | French
H38SVO | Divine Outdoor See-Through | French

Série Phenom

P/PL38/42/52 | Phenom Single Sided | French
L38/42/52FSD | Phenom See-Through | French

Série Prodigy

PC3-8 | Prodigy Single-Sided / See-Through | French
PC3-8PR/CL/CR | Prodigy Bay / Corner | French

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