4 Cool Options for Fireplace Glass Safety

in Custom Commercial Fireplaces by Roxie Leigh

4 Cool Options for Fireplace Glass Safety

Hot fireplace glass comes with safety concerns. That’s why high quality safety barriers and cool-touch glass are in demand. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to experience unobstructed full-fire views while knowing that fireplace glass temperatures are at a safe level for all members of a home or patrons of a business.

Much improved micro mesh safety barriers and Montigo’s patented award winning systems for cool-touch glass have transformed both residential and commercial fireplaces. Making fireplaces more accessible and safe.

Here are 4 cool options to satisfy any installation….


Safety Screens

Standard residential fireplaces have single pane glass with average temperatures of 400-600°F. Even momentary contact at these extreme temperatures would result in serious burns to the skin, which is why safety standards where revised in 2015 to limit safe temperatures to 172°F.

The simplest fix to prevent potentially dangerous contact with hot fireplace glass is to install a safety screen. Montigo uses micro mesh screens, which are almost invisible and provide the most unobstructed view of the flame possible while a screen is in use.

Safety screens come standard with all Montigo residential fireplaces. Use them whenever contact with the glass is possible. Young children are of special concern when it comes to hot glass.



Open Concept | No Glass

Open concept fireplaces are a great option for areas where there is no risk of accidental contact with the flame or elevated surface temperatures. Montigo’s open concept fireplaces maintain safety through a series of limit switches in the opening.

Using our air curtain technology combined with Montigo custom power vents, we can develop a gorgeous blazing fire that will only have a minimal effect on the ambient room temperature.

Due to the potential hazards of open fireplaces, one should be mindful when installing these in high traffic or public spaces. Open concept gas fireplaces require the same considerations as an open wood burning fireplace.




Montigo’s COOL-Pack system draws cool combustion air in through top intakes and passes it between the dual glass panes. In two sided models, air continues to circulate down one side of the fireplace and up the other side. COOL-Pack air can also be supplied from the front, rear and bottom in our commercial fireplaces.

The air supply not only cools the outer glass, it supplies air required for combustion. Passive COOL-Pack temperature for the outer glass will not exceed 172°F and is likely to average in the 140°F range – cool enough to touch the glass without fear of injury.

COOL-Pack technology was designed for luxury residential and light commercial applications. Any area where cool glass is desired as an alternative to a screen is perfect for this system.



Power COOL-Pack

Power COOL-Pack technology draws cold air into the bottom of the fireplace and directs it up between the two layers of glass to cool the outermost pane. The power vent exhausts the hot air.

The technology maintains glass temperatures between 110°F-130°F, and also greatly reduces the amount of heat produced by the fireplace. Making it an excellent option for commercial installations.

Power COOL-Pack equipped fireplaces are preferred in public spaces such as restaurants, lobbies, hospitals, and care homes, where increasing public safety and reducing associated liability risks for the property owner are desired and ambient room temperature is a major consideration.


Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.