Fireplace Liner & Media Designs to Inspire You

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Create a Mood with Surprising Fireplace Liner & Media Combinations

A fireplace is usually the focal point of a living space. Fireplace liner and media selection are critical because the fireplace design needs to visually compliment the room it lives in.

But personal tastes and décor change over time. Buying a whole new fireplace just to change the look isn’t an option. So, what are you to do when your fireplace starts to look dated?

With this in mind, we created the DelRay Square with a universal burner that you can redesign anytime. We also curated a sizeable collection of fireplace media and liners that can be used to maximize the visual impact.

The Flexibility of the DelRay Square

The DelRay Square allows you to mix and match fireplace liner and media options to create your own personal look. The special universal burner allows you to change out that look any time you want, even from logs to glass!

The DelRay Square offers a selection of seven firebox liners and more than seventeen media options, so the design possibilities are virtually endless. Now you can change the look to suit the décor, the season, or even your mood.

Liner & Media Design Inspiration

With so many combinations to choose from, it can be hard to visualize the look you want. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorite combinations to get the inspiration started.

Bold Impact

We let the fire do all the talking in this setup. The black matte finish of the Twilight stones paired with the Ash Fluted liner create a perfect backdrop to the impressive flames of the DelRay Square DRSQ42. The subtly textured satin finish tile creates a wow moment.

As Henry Ford once said, “You can have any color you like, as long as it’s black”.

Media: Twilight Scene
Liner: Ash Fluted
Facing Material: Merola Porcelain Subway Tile

Crisp Winter

Our boldest media design pairs perfectly with a liner that exists solely to amplify the media that is placed in front of it. The DelRay Square DRSQ46 Winter Scene repeats infinitely in the Black Reflective Glass liner.

There is nothing subtle about this setup.

Media: Winter Scene
Liner: Black Reflective Glass
Facing Material: VersettaStone™ Graphite Ledgestone

Classic Elegance

Looking to replicate the older Rumford style of fireplace? The shallow, steep angles of the DelRay Square DRSQ38 firebox are accentuated with the addition of our Tan Brick liner. We feel the best media choice for this setup was the Split Oak logs.

A very traditional and elegant setup.

Media: Split Oak Logset
Liner: Tan Brick
Facing Material: Stained Oak

Transitional Simplicity

Skimming the borderline between traditional and contemporary, we have the Grey Herringbone and Birch logs pairing. The Monochromatic color scheme creates a fireplace that won’t clash with design elements that exist around the fireplace.

For this finish, we chose simple white painted drywall, which takes advantage of the capability to install standard drywall on the face of the unit.

Media: Birch Logset
Liner: Grey Herringbone
Facing Material: White Painted Drywall

Breezy Oceanfront

Whether you have a beach house or simply want to replicate the look, the Grey Ledgestone liner and Beach scene will get you in the mindset quickly. The simple shiplap facing perfectly replicates the look that is often spotted at seaside resorts.

Media: Beach Scene
Liner: Grey Ledgestone
Facing Material: White Shiplap

More Fireplace Liner & Media Combinations

If you want to see more of the nearly 400 liner and media combinations possible with the DelRay Square, check out this video that shows many of the possible combinations.

This infographic shows all of the available media specifically curated for the DelRay Square:

Montigo DelRay Square media infographic showing all available liners and media options


Commercial Quality

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