Smart Home Automation + Fireplaces

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Smart Home Automation & Montigo Custom Fireplaces

Did you know that you can integrate Montigo Custom Commercial fireplaces with many smart home automation systems?

We get a lot of questions about integrating a fireplace with home automation systems. The most common are:

  • What is required for smart home automation?
  • What features of my fireplace can be automated?
  • Can I control the fireplace lighting?
  • What information does my installer need?

The short answer: Any* Zigbee 3.0 protocol compatible smart home setup can be configured for access.

Some examples of Zigbee compatible smart home devices include:

* It is important to fully discuss your project with a professional smart home expert before ordering. Ensure features are compatible with your particular automation system and will perform as intended.

You can automate fireplace features including On/Off flame control functionality, and LED/halogen lighting.

Download the PDF linked below for more information.

Commercial Home Automation

Montigo works closely with architects and designers to engineer, handcraft and install awe-inspiring, bespoke fireplaces for one-of-a-kind spaces. We collaborate with you to create a sense of space with our fireplaces.

For more information on working with Montigo’s Custom Commercial team to design the perfect fireplace for your project, visit the Professionals Resource Center.


Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.