Current Fireplace Trends 2023

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What’s Hot in Current Fireplace Trends for 2023

From traditional to contemporary, current fireplace trends¬†are constantly changing. Adding a modern gas fireplace to your remodeling wish list can make all the difference between designing a house or creating a home. Today’s gas fireplaces are so versatile, and you can install one almost anywhere. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even when it comes to appliances like a fireplace. Thankfully, there are a lot of different fireplace types to choose from, no matter what your personal style is.

Here are six more of the hottest current fireplace trends we are seeing right now, and a little photo inspo to help with some design ideas of your own.

Design Trend: Minimalist

Minimalism has been trending hard for a while now. Simple, clean, elegant, heavy on the hygge – sounds like a dream home for many! Fortunately, over the past few years fireplace manufacturers have been focused on designing models that provide the cleanest finish possible. Modern gas fireplaces can be finished right up to the edge of the glass, sometimes with combustible materials such as shiplap.

Design Trend: Maximalist

On the other end of the trend spectrum, we have Maximalism. Seen as a design aesthetic that celebrates excess, a maximalist prioritizes bold colors, snappy patterns, and luxe textures. More is definitely more. For modern fireplace design, this can mean a large mantel, bold tiling, or a completely overwhelming (in the best way) grand feature wall.

Design Trend: Divide or Connect

Installing a see through gas fireplace between two spaces can be seen as a room divider, or a feature that brings the two spaces together. Dining and living areas feel more connected. A master bed and bathroom combination makes everything feel super luxe. Using the fireplace as a divider can make a large open concept space feel more cozy, or expand the view through multiple spaces. You can even create a grand entrance that wows your guests before they even see the rest of the house!

Design Trend: Indoor + Outdoor

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces is another great way to make a home feel both larger and more cohesive. Easy on the budget since it’s one fireplace, a see through indoor outdoor fireplace (STIO) transforms two spaces at once.

As seen in the image below, another design trend we are seeing is flush-to-the-floor installations combined with very tall fireplace glass. This Prodigy PC860ST installation brings more light into the room and provides a view of the special landscaping feature outside.

Design Trend: Eco-Friendly + Efficiency

Global warming. Energy crisis. The rising cost of living. These hot topics are in the news and are definitely top of mind for a lot of people right now. Many homeowners are looking for cost and energy efficient ways to heat their space, so eco-friendly high-efficiency fireplaces are at the top of their renovation wish list. Reducing a carbon footprint and saving money on top of that is a win-win.

Design Trend: TV Over the Fireplace

The influx of streaming services and their dedication to producing top quality content has stopped many from heading back to the theatre. With so many options available, and the price of larger TVs coming down, we have been forever spoiled by the on-demand viewing experience at home.

It’s very common to install a TV over a fireplace. In order to safely achieve this application, a heat management kit is critical. While heat management isn’t technically “design”, the ability to control heat output allows for TV or artwork mounting above a fireplace. Montigo’s DelRay and Distinction series have optional heat management kits.

Learn more about heat management kits and TV mounting requirements.

Heat Management

Installing a TV Over the Fireplace

Have any of these current fireplace trends inspired you to kick your project into high gear? Time to visit a showroom!


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