Can I Customize a Gas Fireplace? The Short Answer – Yes!

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Custom Gas Fireplace Options for Your Home

Did you know that the big, gorgeous custom gas fireplaces you see in places like hotel lobbies and restaurants are an excellent option for homeowners as well?

Surprisingly, there are many reasons why a custom, commercial gas fireplace is the perfect choice for home use. Perhaps you have a vision, and a standard residential fireplace simply doesn’t measure up. Maybe your home presents a complicated venting challenge. Your location also greatly affects fireplace choice because who needs highly efficient heat output when you live in L.A.?

Whatever the reason, Montigo is the perfect fit when it comes to creating a truly custom gas fireplace.

Designing a Custom Gas Fireplace with Montigo

Working through our authorized dealer and installer network, the Montigo team can engineer a custom gas fireplace perfectly suited to the home’s design and aesthetic. Our custom fireplaces can be integrated into existing home automation systems, and we provide a visually appealing termination on the home’s exterior.

Montigo’s team has decades of experience working closely with architects and designers. As a result, we carefully consider each aspect of a project. No detail is too insignificant. You will find ours to be a highly collaborative process as we work towards creating the ideal fit for your vision and space.

We love to say: If you can dream it, we can build it. Here are some of the reasons why a custom, commercial gas fireplace might be right for your home.

Custom Fireplace Sizes & Shapes You Can’t Get “Off-the-Shelf”

Residential fireplaces come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. However, selection is limited to a standard residential product line offering. That means your fancy fireplace dreams are limited by the standard configurations currently available on the market.

Standard sizes typically run from 28″ to 72″, depending on the manufacturer. Standard shapes are usually limited to single sided, see through, and multi-sided units in a corner, bay, or pier configuration.

With Montigo, you can go as big as you want! There is something undeniably special about having the freedom to create a true centerpiece fire feature in your home.

Custom Sizes

Montigo’s custom fireplace “standard glass width” sizes range from 24-in/2-ft to 180-in/15-ft, with the option to go much bigger.

Our custom fireplace “standard glass height” ranges from 12-in/1-ft to 36-in/3-ft, with the option to customize the height further. The tallest glass request to-date was a 132-in/11-ft tall triangle Tornado unit (T4132TRI).

Unusual Shapes

In addition to the usual single, double, and three-sided configurations, Montigo has created some unusual shapes for custom gas fireplaces.

 Custom Gas Fireplace

Custom C-VIEW C620ST Trapezoid

Some of the more creative shapes we’ve built include:

  • Angled linear that is half see-through and half single-sided
  • Linear L-shape that hugs the inside or outside of a corner
  • Four-sided and round units that easily install pretty much anywhere
  • Hexagons, Octagons, and Trapezoids
  • Multiple curved units that set up in a large seating circle on a patio
  • Extra tall triangle with Tornado burner to punctuate the corner of a glass atrium
  • Guitar shaped poolside firepit for a music enthusiast

Your imagination truly is the limit when it comes to a custom Montigo gas fireplace!

Cool-Pack Glass

The glass temperatures on a gas fireplace typically range ±500˚F. As a result, even momentary contact at these extreme temperatures can cause serious burns to the skin.

Montigo’s patented COOL-Pack and Power COOL-Pack glass technologies significantly increase safety by maintaining glass temperatures as low as 115˚F (46˚C). COOL-Pack technology makes it safe to touch the glass, reducing associated liability risks for the property owner.

Our air curtain technology and custom power vents create a blazing fire that will only have a minimal effect on the ambient room temperature.

Open Concept (No Glass) Designs

In 1976, we created the first sandpan fireplace gas burner to fit into an open wood burning hearth. The modern version of the open concept fireplace features an updraft exhaust to control the amount of heat introduced to the room.

The open concept option creates a truly convincing replica of a vintage fireplace so you can enjoy a barrier-less view between you and the flames.

Most of our custom fireplaces feature this option, and open units can accommodate an opening height up to 30-in.

Create a modern European style seamless transition from wall to fireplace where nothing stands between you and the fire.

Or design a truly convincing replica of a vintage log burning fireplace with our new Mountain Timber or Birch logs. Just try and resist the urge to put another log on the fire!

Remote Location Control Panel

Montigo’s custom control panels house all the electronic and safety components for operation of the fireplace in a separate, easy access location. Subsequently, the most often replaced parts of the fireplace are housed in an electrical room or other location. In short, this solution limits the need to pull the fireplace apart for service.

Learn more about Montigo’s Custom Commercial control panel here.

SmartHome Automation Compatible

You can integrate your custom gas fireplace with an existing or new home automation system. Any Zigbee 3.0 protocol compatible smart home setup can be integrated by including Montigo’s optional smart home driver.

Compatible systems include Amazon Alexa, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Belkin WeMo Link, Wink Hub, Honeywell Thermostats, and many more.

Read more about home automation compatibly here.

 Custom Gas Fireplace Home Automation

Flexible Combustion Intake Locations

Multiple intake location options mean the fireplace will not dictate your design, but adapt to it. Intake location options vary depending on configuration and size of unit.

Six available intake locations provide adaptability: Front, rear, top, bottom, one side, or both sides.

Long or Complicated Venting Runs

We design and manufacture our power vents in-house, which results in an optimized fireplace system.

Our power venting system also allows for virtually unlimited vent lengths. Long runs with multiple turns, even with downward slopes, will not affect the safety or aesthetic of the fireplace. Venting between the fireplace and termination can be run up to 500-ft, which allows a lot of flexibility.

Multiple power venting options provide flexibility: Vent free (outdoor only), roof, inline, wall, and flush wall.

More Custom Gas Fireplace Design Inspiration

Interested in more custom gas fireplace inspiration? Take a look at our Custom Brochure to learn more about Montigo’s hands-on approach to building custom gas fireplaces.

Custom Fireplace Brochure

Or check out the Custom Fireplaces Lookbook for more beautiful installation photos:

Custom Fireplace Lookbook

Commercial Quality

Professionals planning a custom residential or commercial fireplace project, please contact the Montigo Sales Rep in your area.